[Three phases] :11kW 22kW charging allows high-speed charging for all electric vehicles that can use three-phase current. With a charging power of 11 kW 22kW, If you are not sure whether your electric vehicle can be powered by three phases, you can contact our customer service for advice.

[Certification] : All our products have passed CE and TUV certification. Not all electric vehicles can use a three-phase charging station. Even if a single-phase electric vehicle uses a three-phase charging station for charging, it can receive power from just one fire wire. So please buy with care. If you are not sure whether your car can use it, please read the vehicle page on the detail page or contact customer service.

[Leak protection] : The default is Type B leakage protection.If you want Type A+6mA.Please contact us.

[WARRANTY] : Whenever your EV chargers have a problem or something just doesn't meet your needs, you can contact and we will offer you the best solution.

[OCPP] :  We have already docked to ocpp, this is a commercial system, if you are at home, you don't need to use it.


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